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FEATURE - comedy – The 40 year old Virgin collides with Roadhouse
At 40 years old, Mike’s ‘in the meantime’ job he took as a much younger man has made his life a bit of a cruel joke while his dreams of being a successful actor slip further away. Known for being the diplomatic anti-bouncer, he manages to navigate and survive both the absurdities of the drunken masses and the scrutiny of every tough guy in his trade. Most people think his life must be as cool as Roadhouse and filled with sex and violence but these days he’s more likely to die of loneliness.
A chance encounter with a woman from the world outside suddenly flips his life upside down and threatens to rescue him in a way he’s not sure he’s ready for. The clock is ticking as this woman, an unwanted mentor, a nightmare of an agent, and an old friend turned family man (on the border of going postal), all play their part in making Mike feel like 40 is going to be the death of him.
*this script is currently near completion