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episodic series - Sci-fi drama - LOST meets Alien Nation
In the year 2025, there is an unprecedented effort by humanity to prevent the extinction of the first known alien race and integrate them into life on earth; they call it ‘Alien Inclusion,’ the large-scale migration of a species from one planet to another. It was a rescue; a shining moment for humanity and the nations involved. And it was well underway when the unthinkable happened: a hidden virus that took both races by surprise but left only one to tell the tale.
A handful of human survivors whose pre-existing conditions left them immune to the fatal virus are celebrated by the new alien race of earth and given the status of celebrities…the last of their saviour race; a martyr race who paid the ultimate price for their generosity. It is a world forever changed and these remaining people who otherwise would never have met, are brought together to find the strength to deal with this surreal new world. But the truths they uncover about the new dominant species could spell the end for both races.