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Part I - The Ballad of Bee Sampson
(Sci-fi Space Opera- Feature Film Trilogy)  ​​​​​​​
Newborn Bee Sampson is the song in her parents' hearts, but when she is stolen from them by enemies of her grandfather King Jon Rafe, the loss tears the family apart. While her father General Sampson, and her mother princess Mira split onto two very different paths of hope and despair, the greedy king uses the slight against his house as an excuse to extend his rule even further into the galaxy, by enlisting the aid of dark forces that cast a shadow on every world within it.  
In the years that follow, unaware of her past and her lineage, Bee's peaceful life with her adopted family in a slave village on the outer rim of the galaxy is abruptly turned upside down by the arrival of Captain Blue Jack Moon: space pirate and galactic celebrity extraordinaire with a renowned intolerance for slavery.  Now a guest of the outlawed Blue Maroon Fleet and on the path to a reunion with her true family, Bee's universe quickly expands beyond her imagining, but what she finds when she returns will cost her more than she ever dreamed.
*Three features in total:
PART I - STAR SONG - The Ballad of Bee Sampson
PART 2 - STAR SONG - The Queen's Chorus
PART 3 - STAR SONG - The King's Crescendo