How a fan-fiction written for the pure love of Star Wars became the impetus for an entirely new space opera.
You do crazy things when you’re in love.
And when you’re in love with StarWars, ( and you’re a writer like Sawyer), you end up walking out of a theater, like he did on December the 21st of 2017 after his third screening of THE LAST JEDI, and quite uninvited, write a feature-length, screenplay/finale to JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson’s trilogy… because the story in you just needs to come out and it's not asking your permission. Heck, when you’re done that you might even make a short fan-video enlisting the help of Jimmy Kimmel, a fellow lover of StarWars, to help get your script into JJ’s hands.
All of this is ill-advised of course… your friends tell you you’re crazy, but they love it. And people from both Jimmy and JJ’s camps politely decline your offer to share the script of course, as everyone knows this is not how things are done in Hollywood. So, inevitably you sit in a theater on December 16th 2019 and watch JJ’s THE RISE OF SKYWALKER with no regrets and no clue that all your efforts were not in vain… far from it.
Inspired by Lucas and other pioneers in the science fiction film genre, by his own time joyfully playing in the Star Wars galaxy, and unexpectedly, by his daughter, Sawyer was struck by the idea of an original concept that would be a new kind of space opera for everyone to enjoy. And yes, it’s a trilogy.
Scott Sawyer’s STAR SONG is the most recent answer to our hunger for universe-spanning adventure on awe-inspiring worlds with new characters to capture our imaginations and cheer for.
Obi-wan Kenobi aids complete unknown
A feature-length fan fiction that is written for episode IX of Starwars after the release of the 2nd and most controversial film in the trilogy, 2 years before the release of the actual final film.​​​​​​​
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May the force be with us!