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Episodic series - Drama/Action – Limitless meets Daredevil ​​​​​​​

Crazy is the new ‘Super.’
Bram Harper’s life is turned upside down the day a domestic dispute at home triggers his long-festering second personality.  In his unique psychological state, he inherits the gift of accessing parts of the human mind dormant in most of the population, but the burden of a tireless voice in his head fighting to take control, leaving him an insomniac.  He takes to the streets,  living amongst the homeless while hiding from the law and his life. He is not seen or heard from for a year.
Now with better control of his mind and understanding of his gifts, Bram attempts to face his past and rebuild his life.  But an insane notion has been building in his mind, to don a mask and put his unique talents to good and noble use.  But he is not unique in his abilities, and people neither good nor noble have been scouting him for membership in a movement that will enslave the city Bram hopes to protect. 
(Episodes 1-4 written, Seasons 1-4 plotted)
*SPLIT CITY has crossover potential with the NORTH series to create The Novel Universe of Heroes.
If the characters of NORTH are this universe's Avengers, then the characters of SPLIT CITY are its X-men.