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DRAMA – Lost in Translation meets THE Breakfast Club for adults​​​​​​​

Being alone is just better with company.
Living completely alone in a city of millions was just how David wanted it. Until one night in a moment of loneliness, he places an ad in the ‘missed connections’ section of Craigs List that unexpectedly becomes a beacon for a motley crew of lonely urbanites all reaching out to him. Suddenly, David finds himself in the company of several unique souls, all looking to him for direction and purpose. Though leery of the title ‘leader,’ David feels like the simple company of others may be what he was missing.
But just when David’s new family starts to settle into its routine of long walks and coffee shops, the youngest and most ambitious member Amanda raises the bar and forms a plan that takes aim at the core of their problems; a plan to fix life in the cities that mass- produce lonely people like them. Together, they set in motion a social experiment constructed by the group that could change the lives of millions, yet threatens to tear apart the small sanctuary they’ve built for themselves.