Scott Sawyer, writer/director/actor
Frustrated writer Wyatt Williams finds his new muse in the pages of a woman's lost journal and the prospects of new love and a new book are much to celebrate until the lovely subjects' stories take a turn for the worse and her last entries reveal a woman on a dark path. With so much to say and so little time, Wyatt must retrace his steps through the pages never meant for his eyes for clues that will lead him to a woman on the edge.
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the story behind the story
It was probably in 2000 that I wrote this script. It was inspired by a moment of reality. I was in, I think, Bay Station in Toronto. I found a book that was on top of a payphone that I was using. I opened it up and I was like, “Oh someone forgot this here.” There are lots of people that would do a various spectrum of things with found property and I was like, “At least if I take it, I know someone is gonna get it back.” Of course, I didn’t know that Bay station was lost and found. I took the book and understood it had a personal nature to it. It was a day planner. It wasn’t a journal but it had very personal little things in it. Like one of them was a list, this year things to do – finish a degree, fall in love. So, I ended up taking it and sifting through it and, in the doing, getting kind of a sense of parts of this person. I found some numbers, so I dialed them and said, “Hey, there’s a person in Toronto that you might know that had your number in their book, so maybe you could help me track this person down.” And it worked.
Scott Sawyer, writer/director/actor
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