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Writer/Director Scott Sawyer
Producers Alex Jordan and Michael Patrick Lilly
Avery MacDowell is an ex-major league hockey enforcer whose ability to devastate with his fists both gave him his career and then in one shameful moment, cost him everything. Almost 20 years later, estranged by the sport he grew up with and a disappointed father, Avery spends his nights driving his own taxi cab with his head hung low hiding from old ghosts and a city filled with people, many of whom recognize him as the monster who ended a promising all-star’s career.
This barely tolerable existence is made easier by Avery’s tight bond to his sister and her family, especially his little niece Vicki. But in Avery’s late-night rounds through the city, he stumbles across a child exploitation ring and is faced with a chance to put his gifts to good use and a guilt-ridden soul at ease.
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